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For online casino player to be sure that the online casino they choose is legitimate and reliable should perform all the actions mentioned above. In addition, remember that disbursement reports have a stamp that support from the examiner. The percentage of the payments varies from month to month indicates that the online casino is legitimate, because it means that the random number generator is working properly and that it is the one that determines the final result of the profit and loss of the online casino.

Our main goal here at is to provide you with reliable and timely information on the best online casinos on the net. We have personally tested every casino and recommends only those that we believe are reliable and secure. Finding the right online casino is no easy task. With more than a thousand online casinos can be confusing for new players to find the right. Even experienced players may find that it will be a lot to keep track sometimes.

We make a list of the best bonuses and games available to play online, and also we can guarantee that every casino mentioned has been reviewed by us. We review every online casino by taking / test all the measures some new players have to do to become a member; we try the Flash version (which can be played directly in the browser and does not need to be downloaded) and afterwards we download the full casino and check the download time and the quality of the software.

We test each casino by playing in "play money" mode, then we make a deposit and start playing for real money. We send a lot of relevant questions to the game support team to check their knowledge. We also send stupid / weird questions that inexperienced players could possibly have to make sure they are nice and provide players with the right kind of information and help. We test all the games, we win some and we lose some, and finally we make a withdrawal of our money to ensure that there will be no problem taking money from the casino.

Anything more that are really important to point out is that there are quite some rogue casinos online. So there are gaming sites which deceive and trick people. Therefore, we do everything we can possibly do to ensure that our reviews are 100% unbiased and objective. We also try to measure all online casinos with the same parameters for it to be as "fair" as possible. It is important that players understand that the best online casino sites are not necessarily those that offer the highest bonuses or has the most games. We appoint the best casinos that meet the criteria that are crucial if we are to guarantee the player a pleasant, safe and rewarding game play experience every time they log on to their chosen game site.

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