Pai Gow Poker

Pai gow poker is namely a more modern development of ancient Chinese board game pai gow. In fact, pai gow poker does not have more than 30 years old when it was introduced in the American casinos in the 80s. Since then the trend has been extremely fast, and now you can play pai gow poker in casinos worldwide. To make matters worse, you can of course play this extremely popular game in online casinos as well.

It all starts with all the players around the table lay their bets. Then divide the seven cards to each. The cards are arranged into two hands, one with five cards and one with two. Five-card hand must be better than the two-card hand. Then compares the player's card hand of the dealer. The best hand wins. When this is done, comparing two-card hand. It requires the player's two hands are better than the dealer that he or she should be able to win the hand. At only a better hand it will be a draw. At the same value of a hand, the dealer wins.

Joker's task in the game is to be part of a straight, flush or straight flush in addition to the hand to become complete. In any other case, the joker as an ace. You can also use the joker to get five of a kind of aces, a hand that is the highest in pai gow poker, and that is also unique to this card game. Pai gow poker is said was a very popular game among both ordinary land-based casinos as well as at online casinos. To play pai gow poker online does not differ much from how to play in regular casinos.

The only difference is that when you play online casino, it is a computer that you are playing against and no man of flesh and blood. Unless you are playing in a live casino. When you meet namely a live dealer that you get to play against. It can be quite good to have this in mind when you play at an online casino. While we're on the subject of online casinos, it might be appropriate to mention anything about the bonuses that you as a player receives all online casinos. The cash gifts you receive in the form of various bonuses can namely be advantageously make use of when you play pai gow poker online. If you play with the bonus money at stake, you do not feel uncomfortable about the possible forced to lose their own money, which may feel good especially for new players.

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