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Each casino set the rules for their blackjack tables. There are dozens of different variations and it is up to you as a player to find out what comes before you start playing. We describe different rule variations on the side of the various rules for blackjack. The text below describes the general rules used by such Casino Cosmopol and NetEnts game Blackjack. Common to these approaches is that they give the house a big advantage compared to if you were playing Blackjack mathematically perfect. Want to know how you do it, according to the theory of probability, correct move in every situation, you can read our article on how to play Blackjack perfect .w

After you have wagered your initial bet the dealer gives out two cards to each player. The dealer gives himself one card face up and one face down cards, sometimes given no face down cards. In Blackjack the goal is to beat the dealer and get as close to the number 21 as possible without getting "fat". You become "thick" when the sum total of your cards exceeds 21st

If you are not as good or better cards than the dealer lose. The sum of your and the dealer's cards are the same, it will be the same, so-called. "Push" and you get the effort back. The cards 10, Jack, Queen and King all have the value 10, ace is 1 or 11 and the remaining cards have their stated value. Can you sum 21 with your first two cards you get Blackjack and is rewarded with 50% extra (you win one and a half times the bet). Almost all casinos and blackjack games online offer the opportunity to get even money if the dealer shows an ace (assuming you've got Blackjack).

You can also choose to double the bet or split your cards (split can you do when you have two cards of the same value). When the last player has stopped or become thick dealer reveals his cards face down and pull any more. The dealer must stand if the total of the cards is 17 or higher. Have the dealer 16 or lower the dealer must draw another card. Just as in roulette , there are a plethora of different strategies for how to play the best. Some strategies better than others. The myths that spread is often simpler strategies "Imitate the dealer," "assume always that the dealer draws 10" and "risk never getting fat."

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