Online Lottery: Rules, Types, How to Play

Since its beginnings in ancient China, the concept of the lottery has spread all across the globe. It evolved over time, but the basic rules stayed the same. The game consists of randomly drawing a series of numbers, usually printed on small balls, and comparing them to the numerical combinations on previously purchased tickets. Nowadays, the incessant technological progress has enabled lotto lovers to access their favourite games online. It is not just the option to buy the tickets from your home which makes it so wonderfully unique; it is a whole new, global experience aided by greater game variety and lots of additional features. Let's take a look at some types of online lottery available today.


Much like the standard scratch cards, the online version offers the same instant disclosure of the outcome. The revealing part is also present and you can virtually scratch your card with a mouse cursor to find out if you have the winning numbers. The winning combination is known before the purchase and the goal is to match those figures to the ones on your ticket. These games usually have moderate rewards in comparison to other types of lottery but considerable amounts could still be won. Online scratchers come in a variety of innovative and creative styles which draws the interest of millions of players all over.

Jackpot Betting

This type of betting is usually depicted as sports-related gambling in the form of predicting the final score of the game or general outcome of a tournament. Nevertheless, you can bet on the outcome of practically anything from beauty pageants to the sex of celebrity babies. The nature of jackpot betting means that the winners are known as soon as the predictions come true. The organizers usually offer high pay-outs for the winners and encourage wager combinations with ever-increasing amounts.

Traditional Number Lotteries

This is the online equivalent of the most widely-known form of the regular sweepstakes game and therefore it is the most popular online lottery. The player picks a sequence from a fixed pool and the numbers are subsequently drawn. The victor usually walks away with a large percentage of the money collected from the ticket sales. Should there be no winner, the amount is rolled over to the next draw, thus increasing the final pay-out. The numbers are usually drawn once or twice a week and the main prize can even reach millions.

Daily Lotto Draws

Those bitten by the lotto bug who cannot wait a week for the next draw can try their luck with the daily draws. Here the players have a chance to win once or sometimes even twice a day. Usually three or four numbers are picked per ticket, either randomly or by the player, and there is no limit to how many tickets you can play per day. Despite the fact that the pay-out is not as grand as at the weekly draws, it is not lacking in the number of customers. It is an amusing pastime with a frequent chance to get some pocket money.

Multi-Country Lotteries

The most popular online lotto games are the ones that spread across multiple countries. The game rules and distribution of winnings are regulated in accordance with the laws of the country where the lottery was created. One example is Euro Jackpot lottery's Euro Millions , which has a weekly draw and the pay-outs can reach over 150 million euros. Such large prizes are directly related to the international availability and the sheer number of players in participating countries.

Mobile Lotto Games

As we continue to rely on our phones for almost every aspect of our daily life, it makes sense that there will also be online lottery smartphone apps. Most of the online lotto sites have their mobile-friendly platforms giving you the opportunity to play regardless of your location. You can use one account to access all these options and check the most recently drawn numbers as well as buy the next winning ticket.

Mini Lottos

Even smaller than the daily lotto draws are mini lottos - online games with modest winnings and tiny costs. The ticket cost is just a fraction of the regular one and can be as little as a few cents. On the other hand, the winnings, while not life-changing, are also not trivial since a lucky winner in Poland won a whopping sum of 80 thousand euros. The winnings solely depend on the number of participants, which can reach hundreds of thousands.

Whether you are a player with a carefully prepared number strategy or just a casual visitor who wants to try their luck with a quick scratch card, an online lottery win may turn your life around. You never know, today might just be your lucky day!

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